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I just picture papa Derek and papa Stiles yelling from the stands at the umpire at their sons game 😍

1. He watched the Little League World Series <3

2. How awful do you have to be for the guy who “never says anything bad about anyone ever" to call you out ON TWITTER?

3. re: #2 I have to assume the umpire killed and ate a child on home plate


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Dylan O’Brien for Teen Vogue*
Dylan O’Brien for Teen Vogue*

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It’s worst at night, in the gray space between waking and sleeping. There, Derek remembers how it felt to be strong, to flex his fingers and feel power at the palm of his hands. The shift hums beneath his skin, familiar but beyond his reach, and the ache of loss tugs on other memories.

He’s all but human now. Peter is the only true Hale left.

When he’s awake, his body is a curiosity to him, something to be relearned, to craft into a new kind of weapon. When he sleeps, he’s right again, and his dreams are peaceful. But in the gray he’s restless; in the gray he longs for what he cannot have.

In the gray, she touches him, and his heart skips a beat.

Braeden’s hands are callused from the weapons she handles, but they’re gentle as they glide over his body. She moves over him, leans to kiss his neck, his jaw, his mouth, and he shivers at the touch of her tongue, at the roll of her hips against his. “We’ll get it all back,” she murmurs, sitting up to touch his face, and she isn’t afraid of him, as man or wolf, and he fills his hands with her breasts, smiles as she sighs and pushes into his touch. He skims a hand over her belly, slides his fingers between them, finds her wet, and she gasps as he circles her clit. She leans in to kiss him again, hips rocking against his fingers, and he’s hard, sliding against the cleft of her ass, and he loves this, this uncomplicated heat between them, this understanding of body and mind.

When she takes him in her hand and guides him inside her he closes his eyes, grits his teeth against the warm, slick pull of her body, blows out a breath before he looks at her again, at the pleased smiled on her face. And then she moves, and he moves with her, thrusting up as she rocks down, and he can’t help the noises he makes, settling his hands against her hips.

Braden comes first, beautiful as she shakes against him, and he follows moments after, whiting out as he says her name. When she cups his jaw he opens his eyes, reaches for her and tangles his hands in her hair, kisses her with a reverence that seems new to her, if the way she trembles is any tell.

He uses the bathroom first, crawls back into bed as she leaves to do the same. But she comes right back, slides between the sheets and curls into his body, lets him wrap his arms around her and hold her close.

Derek slips through the gray, this time, falls asleep in moments. And in his dreams he’s human, and the world is bright.

I am so here for Derek and Braeden stalking around town, fighting crime.

Chris Markus: We always wanted to approach Sam through the prism of a being fellow veteran. Someone who could speak to Steve on that level as opposed to, you know, because he’s Captain America. And also we brought up the idea that Steve, in addition to everything else he’s gone through, spent four years in World War II. That’s very traumatic stuff. And he has never had a chance to decompress about any of it. 

Anthony Russo: One of my favorite lines from him is, where he says: “I’m more of a soldier than a spy.” I just loved that so much because it speaks to his relationship with Cap and their nature.

Joe Russo: You guys did a great job with this scene. This is probably the hardest scene in the movie because it leads to the biggest buy in the film, which is - well, maybe there’s a couple of other big buys - that Cap is gonna go back to a guy he met jogging on the mall when his life is in danger because he’s the only guy he can trust. So it was important that these two connect on a very deep level, an emotional level in this scene.

Chris Markus: It’s always a credit to Mackie.

Steve McFeely: Yeah. I trust Mackie.

Chris Markus: You would go to Anthony Mackie. Some people you wouldn’t go to. 

Joe Russo: Let’s talk about Mackie for a second. It’s a reason we cast him is one, you know, I’ve never not seen a truthful moment from him on screen, and two, he has this incredible ability to combine charm and integrity. A difficult thing to do is to be funny and convey integrity at the same time.

Steve McFeely: He’s not shallow.

Joe Russo: He has great depth as an actor which allows Steve to feel the depth, the audience to feel the depth, which makes you believe that Steve would trust this guy even though their relationship is so new. 

- Captain America: The Winter Soldier Blu-ray Audio Commentary

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sweet jesus

sweet jesus